Friday, February 3, 2012

Baucar Buku 1 Malaysia Habis!


Morning semua =) i think the topic is 'hot' rite now, bout book's voucher, esp for university students.
it same goes to me. we had given RM200 voucher books. every student will get it, i think.
ok, my voucher was already used just for a few days back. it's a very special gift for a little students that love to read like me =). Alhamdulillah~
what the books i have bought? referring book? erk, i only bought one for those kind of book. comic? yeah, i bought that, but only one ok. religious book? yes! i bought many of them (ow, i'm super kind na~) well, i like that kind of books, and u have to. b'coz, for my own opinion, it's our effort to reach the knowledge of our religion right, more we read, more we get =)
below are my books :

1st day i shoped (MPH midvalley)

picture above shows the books that i have bought:
# diary of wimpy kid
# great expectation
# senyumlah
# rasul mulia, umat mulia, akhlak mulia
# dialog al-Quran untuk remaja (2)

2nd day i shoped (books fare at PWTC & bookshop UM)

above are the 'clearance voucher' :
# referring book, organic chemistry
# nota hati seorang lelaki
# hikmah terapi air mata
# beduk diketuk
# kumpulan solat2 sunat
# hadis 40 Imam Nawawi
# *cd percuma from telaga biru comp.*

that's all about my books and the voucher, any comment u may post here, keyh..
waiting for your story too =)



aimi,nak pinjam buku 'Nota Hati Seorang Lelaki' boleh?
jazakallahu khoir (",)

miszmariposa said...

bole je mun (",), lupa nk gtau..buku aku terima nikahnya yg kite pinjam dulu kat nana..tau ke??

shairazi sharizan said...

banyak sungguh buku..

miszmariposa said...

memanfaatkan baucer..


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